Wildhorse Foundation and the Children’s Hospital

Again, when Shannon and I went into this trip, we truly didn’t know what to expect. We also weren’t aware of who all was going, who did what, etc. for a few days to be honest.  It all made sense once we connected the dots of who is who and why they have such passion.  ❤️

Yasiel is very blessed to have a woman named Lisette Carnet in his corner and as part of his tribe.  People can only hope for ride or dies and people that truly will jump in the fire to help you and do what you can because you always want the best for that person. That is Lisette for Yasiel.  Lisette runs Yasiel’s Wildhorse Foundation and SO much more.  Lisette is not only Spanish speaking, she is Cuban and her parents grew up in Cuba and she is Cuban thru and thru.  Lisette happens to now be one of my favorite people in this world.  She is my spirit sister and I think the world of her.  

It was evident early on her passion for the Cuban people but it wasn’t until after we connected the dots where her true passion was and why she had the passion.  They are her people also.  She knew going into the trip what an opportunity we had and what could be done to help the Cuban people. She had gathered over 100 pounds of donations that could be taken to the children’s hospital in Yasiel’s home town.  Getting anything like that into Cuba isn’t the easiest process.  The Cuban government feels they provide for their people and outside help is not needed.  

Lisette was able to work a couple miracles the day at the children’s hospital. Not only was she able to get all the supplies in that had been brought, and we were allowed to walk the halls and say hello and hand out simple things that we take for granted to these people.  It was heart breaking.  You are able to see how little they truly have.  The second miracle she worked was connecting a mother traveling with us whose breast pump crapped out the day before with starving babies in the nursery that were malnourished and hungry.  She was able to sit and provide for almost an hour and half.  

I hope you will take a minute to visit https://www.wildhorsefdn.org/ and see their mission and all they are accomplishing.  Yasiel and Lisette have created something beautiful and are making an impact coast to coast and then some.  ❤️🇨🇺






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