Tobacco Farm and Jurassic Park

This day without a doubt has to have been one of my favorites. It is probably one of my top ten most beautiful places in the world.  And of course, who wouldn’t want to do a tobacco farm in Cuba?  What an amazing opportunity.  

Any travel from point A to point B always provided amazing things to look at.  I giggle as I type this because I think Shannon’s first Spanish word that she learned was “Mira!” Look!  Because as we are driving, the predominately Spanish speaking group would holler about this site or another.  Plus, at all times the bus is loud, with Spanish music full blast.  One time I woke up during a drive, not a soul is awake but our tour guide and the driver and music still a blaring.  

We first visited the tobacco farm which was a family owned farm.  I am assuming it was the grandson who gave us a tour and spent the time with us.  He walked us thru step by step how they grow, harvest and roll the cigars, why certain cigars are this way, etc.  I learned so much it was fascinating.  I had no idea a good cigar shouldn’t have any nicotine in it.  Did you know that?  And one should never put out a cigar.  He said to let it die with dignity.  ❤️ 

One of the most fascinating things about Cuba, and learning about Cuba is the communism and how things work there.  This family farm gets to keep 10 percent of its production for them to sell or use personally.  The government takes the remaining 90 percent.  The family can do what they want with their remaining 10 percent to live on.  So that is where we are able to buy Cuban cigars, but they aren’t labeled thru the government.  

The next place we headed was hands down the most spectacular view I might have ever seen in my life.  It is something that you only see in pictures, and was just breath taking.  It truly looks like Jurassic Park or something and that a terradactyl is going to come flying out of a valley.  If you know me, you know I am obsessed with cryptids and I asked Yasiel if they had reports of Sasquatch or a chupacabra.  He looked at me crazy and asked what I was drinking.   I’m telling you, there is stuff hidden in those woods....

I believe this was a farm to table, privately owned restaurant, and was worth the trip.  Food was amazing, and it kept coming!  One thing you can count on in Cuba is plantains, and black beans and rice at every meal.  Or most all meals and the restaurant that didn’t I’m sure will have them next time Yasiel Puig arrives.  😳☺️ That was a fun dinner. 😆

The beauty and special things we were able to do that day truly made it a once in a lifetime trip.  I could have gone home then, but we still had lots more to do!  That is when you know it is an amazing trip, when your hypothetical cup is filled and you are just getting started.  

Oh we did some amazing things!  ❤️🇨🇺



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