Mario Carts and Puig Fans

Our tour guide Kenny loved gold lame’ and rainbows and I am not quite sure he realized how truly happy and flamboyant he is, but the first time Yasiel and I saw him pull out his rainbow hologram fan we knew we were going to be entertained by him. Plus, the first time he was trying to herd the cats in one of these underground labyrinths of a mall, he was struggling with all 11 of us so he decided to put his little arms out to his side, fan in one hand and take of running down the way hollering to all of us, fluttering his arms to get our attention. His little ponytail might have been bouncing as he bounced down the way. That was a highlight of my trip and I bet Yasiel would give it a thumbs up too. It was priceless.
Kenny also loved Yasiel and was a huge fan of his, and didn’t know who he was “leading” and once found out it was Puig I think he may have tinkled on himself. It goes without saying Kenny was a small little thing since he is Japanese, so when you would see him posing with Yasiel for a picture, Kenny grinning ear to ear, fan in hand it was a cute moment and very endearing.
There were a lot of genuine endearing moments with Yasiel’s fan in the most random places. We were walking in our twenty feet in open air actually to go to Karaoke on our last night. We literally ran into a super fan that recognized Puig and was just beside himself and asked if he could hug him and take a selfie. Yasiel is for the most part very willing to take pictures and such and long as he isn’t trying to give of his time and attention to someone else. One should respect that with anyone they are literally intruding on. On what moment are you stepping in on and intruding and bugging.
The Japanese love their baseball and they love Yasiel Puig. Those are special moments to get to see on both sides, from Yasiel’s shoes and also in the fan’s shoes. As a fan to run into someone that you admire and have probably dreamed you would meet one day, and of course hope they would be everything you expected them to be, especially nice and willing to greet you or take a pic, and each and every time they would get that from Yasiel. From being in Yasiel’s shoes he is very humble and loves his fans! They mean the world to him and he appreciates the opportunities he has been afforded.
One thing we were all excited to do before we even arrived was drive Mario Carts thru Tokyo at night for a couple of hours. We had to obtain our international drivers license before we left, and then after a quick briefing, and time to pick out a onesie if you preferred, and we were off. It was probably about the 5th stoplight did I realize that was most definitely in the top five dumb things I have done and how unsafe it was! Lisette was next to me at the stop lights and as it progressed and we about watched people get taken out, made me a bit more nervous as time went on. No helmet and no seatbelt going on Tokyo’s roads nexts to semi’s and cars on a go cart. So dumb. I can cross that off my bucket list and say I have done it, but not sure it was worth the risk especially because you really aren’t getting to see Tokyo while driving because you have to pay so much attention ahead of you so you don’t get hit or wreck your go cart.
There were a couple shopping places we were able to con them into letting us stop. One was basically their equivalent of a superstore that literally carries everything you can imagine and its packed so tight and efficient, including the hanging of Louis Vuitton purses from the ceiling in that department. There was also a small 4 by 6 room that has some crazy ass sex toys and I sold toys for 9 years so for me to think shits crazy it’s crazy.
If we would have know we could have stocked up on all the masks we wanted just in that store alone. They had a 30 foot wall of only masks and the different types. All of it was so bizarre! I almost felt like this store was anything you would google or find on amazon that you knew was manufactured in Japan was in that store. Candy, lighting, clothing, exercise equipment, cameras, it had it all and was just packed to the max with merchandise and people!
One of the things Yasiel was on the hunt for was all the crazy liquors that you can’t find in the states, the ones with snakes in the bottom, etc. So getting Lily to track that type of place down wasn’t the easiest especially then fitting it in our schedule. At this point Yasiel was finishing building his new home in Miami and was looking forward to his upcoming house party and having all kinds of fun liquors from all over the world so he did some fun damage in that liquor store that day.
The toilets are something definitely worth writing home about. Please don’t confuse a Japanese toilet that has everything you can imagine including background music to drown out your sounds, heated seats and oh so much more to the nothing like these European ass washing stations. Those are two different apparatus, where as the Japanese toilet is all in one and does some oddly crazy things.
These toilets are on a whole different level on the features and parts they clean and how they clean. I think either you are a fan or not. I haven’t fallen in the fan category quite like some of the others did quite yet, but during this covid pandemic I might reconsider when toilet paper is so scarce! Every single bathroom in Japan is clean, there is never a single bathroom that I encountered that was not totally clean and of course had the fancy toilet. Even the one at the baseball park was clean and fancy and I must admit, when you aren’t used to sitting on a warm seat, my brain freaks out thinking someone has just been sitting on this for a really long time.





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