Cuba Wrap up

I had the absolute best time with this group of people.  Half of them I didn’t speak the same language with, but we did just fine and had a wonderful time filled with laughter.  Shannon and I did decide, we HAD to have one bilingual at our end of the table to interpret, otherwise we have no idea what is going on.  Plus, Cubans all talk over each other, at the same time.  So it is really hard to understand anything! 

On that note, there is nothing worse than getting to be right in the middle of an argument and not understand a damn thing they are saying.  It’s no fun to get to over hear that kinda thing but when you don’t understand it, it’s not so fun...

We did the city tour in the antique cars which is definitely a must.  If your driver is English speaker or have a bi-lingual I love the things you learn while riding around and seeing their world.  Of course we had to have a convertible and it is warm!  It was November and make sure you have sunscreen and are prepared.  I did learn from our tour guide that Kansas has the best scrap yards for the cars in Cuba.  Who knew? **I have a couple great videos on my YouTube channel from when there the first time also.  

We had a tour guide Michele (his name was pronounced the American Michelle) and he was a very kind and patient man.  He had to be, it was herding of the cats.  he genuinely wanted us to follow him so each time he would get his boisterous voice on an holler “follow me!” Hoping at least one of us was listening.  

We caused ruckus’s  at a few  locations because it was THE Yasiel Puig, we stressed out restaurants from our requests of black beans and black beans and rice to genuine Coca-Cola for a few die hards.  (Don’t confuse Coca Cola with A Tu’ Cola nor should you assume all black beans are the same!!), we were a group that knew what we wanted and we liked the plantains, Coca Cola and beer or rum to keep a coming.

Our final day we made a last minute decision to do a glass bottom catamaran as a group before we got ready for dinner. It was amazing!!  We had such a fun time as a group made it all the better.  We spent the time jumping off and cheering one another one and then floated and enjoyed the beauty of the moment.  

We’ve shared tears of laughter and tears of mutual respect and admiration, and laughed until we cried again.  There were many firsts on this trip for all of us, and guarantee we all left changed in one way or another, all for the better.  From hearing Yasiel’s story of what he and his family have overcome, to getting to witness the current living conditions provided and expected for the people yet they still have love and pride for their country. Makes one reflect on their own blessings and truly how lucky we are and where we were born.

I have traveled many places and with many different groups of people and friends and by far, this group and trip has to be one of my top trips all around, the good, bad and the ugly.  It was life changing in more ways than one and I am counting down until the next trip to Cuba  🇨🇺 and any more adventures this extended family may take.

Until Next time...





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