Cuba with Yasiel Puig and Wildhorse Foundation

Recently I had the opportunity to take a trip that truly ended up being the most amazing trip, and would rank among my top! Now initially, when this trip was presented to me and received into Jenny’s brain, was a week long trip to Cuba with a baseball player from Cincinnati whom happened to be from Cuba, and we would get to see parts of Cuba through his eyes. Heck yes!!! What an amazing opportunity to get to dive a bit more into Cuba and it’s Cuban culture than with some baseball guy from Cuba! Fast forward to the first day In Havana, Cuba while sitting around in the hotel lobby with the other people on this trip. They are all obviously huge sports fans, and especially baseball and could talk baseball all day long. And let me be up front, I have gone to a lot of games in my lifetime. I was married to a teacher whom also coached basketball, attending University of Kansas you learn the importance of basketball and football in these parts, but I really don’t know much about baseball! I think the last Royals game I attended I received free tickets and i just remember how much fun the hotdog and ketchup races were along the sidelines...that is my knowledge of baseball. Now mind you I am traveling with my best girlfriend Shannon, and neither of us honestly have any idea what to expect from this sports group, this baseball fella and the entire kit and caboodle, we are just along for a fun adventure. It is our first night and we are getting ready to head to the restaurant for our first group dinner and the Puig family was going to join us for dinner and for the remainder of the trip since they had arrived a couple days prior to our arrival. Banter starts flying with everyone and the excitement of meeting up with Yasiel Puig and his family, that would also be traveling with us. I overhear something about his temper and something that made me take note and I ask one of the guys about Yasiel and say, “he have a temper or something?” And the entire group kinda looks at me as the music screeches to a halt. It then became apparent to the group both Shannon and I had no idea what we were in for and who we were traveling with and one of the guys says “you ought to google him when you have a chance. Put in Puig fights!” Okay, off to the room for internet and to google Mr. Yasiel Puig. So as you can see as I headed into this trip I didn’t have any idea of what to expect, or to know how special or neat this truly was which I guess made my trip even more memorable. Since I have returned I have been battling some gunk health wise but wanted to share a bit of the back story before I jumped into more details of the trip because the response once people saw my pictures and noticed where I was ,I think I had a few people that wanted to hit me with a bat. I just had no clue...❤️I will share more about

Wildhorse Foundation

and what it was able to accomplish while we were visiting Cuba later, but I encourage you to check the foundation behind

Yasiel Puig

and the mission behind this amazing organization. I’m forever grateful I was able to meet Lisette from the foundation and get to know her and her spirit during this trip. This foundation, Lisette and Yasiel’s hearts and energy are such a gift to the Cuban people and I am honored to have been a part of this trip and have made a lifelong friend and spirit sister with Lisette.
This trip was also made possible and coordinated thanks to


If you are a sports fan, and enjoy sports, people and traveling, and incredible once in a lifetime moments, I encourage you to check them out. Serendipitously we were placed on this trip because it obviously wasn’t on my newsfeed, but boy howdy I'm so glad the universe presented the opportunity. Make sure to check out their site and join them for an adventure.

Xoxo, Jenny​​

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