We Are Topeka


Learning to be okay with yourself most definitely comes with age and maturity.  and getting to the point where you are personally okay with it admittedly feels really good.   

That can be taken so many different ways but to me, being okay with my physical self is just one of the ways.  I'm pretty okay with who I am physically.  Of course, there are plenty of things my magic wand would hit and touch up, but since my wand just plugs in, I rock what I got instead.  I know that would be liberating to many people (at any age) to be okay in your own skin.  That has come with time, age and honestly an adult life blessed with many vocally flattering people.  What does that mean?  From my ex-husband, to strangers, to people whom are dear to me have shared compliments with me freely and quite humorously.  I know that many do not get that in their world and I can't imagine. Whether the words spoken are complimentary or negative, they impact our self image, and I get it. Our brain's tape replays what we have heard/been told.  And many times we ourselves are guilty of perpetuating the negativity that we have accepted and owned.    We even allow visitors into our world that perpetuate the negativity.  Surround yourself with people who bring you up and better you and your world.

Another thing I am okay with is my city.  my community.  topeka!  I try each and every day to better my city and that if I have a complaint about my community I also try and help solve it.  It's hard to listen to complaints from people who aren't stepping up and continue to perpetuate any negativity on my city.  Not only is it extremely detrimental to our community's spirit, I'm tired of our complex!  

I had a couple from St. Louis who had been staying in town visiting the Evil Knievel Museum.  The only reason for their visit was because they were huge fans.  While trying to explore around our city,   they had been told by a couple people they encountered negative things about Topeka.  They were shocked people would talk that way about their own city, let alone to  "outsiders".  As this couple is telling me of their adventures and interactions I hear them and I take it personally.  I work really hard, along with countless others in Topeka, to make Topeka stand apart and embrace our colorful, artsy, political, funky town.  I am Topeka.  So when people talk negatively about Topeka, I do take it personally.  I am proud of who I am and the part of the colorful additions I am able to make to Topeka.  We are Topeka, and I love who we are.  We have a lot of flipping cool people.

​So this year is a year I have committed to being a more active part of the change, and to be a part time tour guide.  :). I hope you'll join me in rocking what we got, and be proud of it.  Be proud of colorful Topeka because dammit, WE are Topeka!  

















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