Life’s kinda different now a days...

Who would have ever thought this is where we would be?!  It truly is mind blowing to me and absolutely hard for me to process.  I am a news junkie and always have been, and this pandemic has created a moment in our life that none of us could have planned or predicted, or dreamed we would live thru.  

Never would I have thought that I would have three small businesses that I literally have had to close the front door on and have the uncertainty of when will I be able to reopen, all while having expenses that don’t stop yet the world and all income has ceased.  

But almost 9 years ago I would have never thought I would have three brick and mortar buildings nor three small businesses attached to them!  That was never my goal or life ambition.  It was more like the universe allowed me to be a part of something extremely special in watching NOTO grow to what it is today.  It was very Serendipitous how things happened and I wouldn’t change a thing of my journey.  

But almost 8 years ago, I had a restaurant space that needed a renter for an area that had a really bad reputation, and really didn’t have any traffic.  Long and short of it, with a fun story that goes along side it, I opened NOTO Burrito with my dear friend Pedro Concepcion. NOTO needed food badly, and it was in the early stages of growth and I had always said every destination needed a good dive burrito shop!    So NOTO Burrito was born and off we went.  

Fast forward to March 2020 and NOTO Burrito is at a place that in essence is at a transition/stopping spot!  The universe has allowed me two uninterrupted months to have time to think, process and see where my heart is and to see that restaurant space that I struggled to fill so many years ago is at a place where I hope more people know where it is, and that we made our mark.  But it’s time for me to let someone else that has a passion for a restaurant and feed NOTO thru it’s next 8 years and hand off the proverbial torch to the next one up for the challenge.

Serendipity is so ready to be full of music and energy of our family and friends again and when it is safe to reopen we are going to have a heck of backyard bash.  Pinkadilly is in a day in age where people shopping in person is almost a thing of the past and that saddens me.  Places like Pinkadilly are what make each community different and unique from the next.  We are the places that donate to your charities, and kids ball teams (and statistically at a much higher rate than our corporate counterparts). They are the shops you want to show out of towners and need to run to for those last minute gifts or when you want something different.  

Pinkadilly isn’t going anywhere.  We are just going to adapt to the times!  😝😷🖥📱 I hope you explore around my new website, and notice the new online shopping!  In order to survive in this day and age (sadly literally right now) online is how people are shopping.  So part of Pinkadilly is going global on the world wide webs and learning to adapt to life today.  

Change really isn’t my thing either, but in order for there to be growth there has to be change and adaptation.  And when you believe in the universe and power of positive thinking, manifesting and mantras, things will happen as they are supposed to.  If you know me, and have had any in depth conversation with me, you will know how important words and their intent/meaning are to me.  I joke, “I’m a pretty powerful manifestor!”  😋🤓🤩

I’m committed to making the best use of my “down” time so you will hear a lot more from me and you’ll catch some hints of other additions/changes to my lil’ pink village.  We are just growing!  

Talk soon,




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