Changes since stay at home order

My sister and I have laughed that this is what retirement must feel like.  One day kinda blends into the next one, I gave up wearing a watch because I literally have nothing on my calendar that still holds, and there is no where I have to be and no one is depending on me at this moment.  It is a rather odd feeling...not sure I’m quite ready for retirement! I have not fixed my hair nor done my makeup in close to 30 days.  I’m not sure in my adult life that has ever happened.

It is amazing how many things one can catch up on when you add an extra 30 days of nothing into their calendar.  Power washing has by far been my favorite.  I think I might take that up soon as a part time gig.  There is something genuinely satisfying about that.   I have power washed anything that I can from my house to my moms.  That has been wonderful in projects that you have put off are getting done and now have time for.


TikTok has become my new best friend and time suck.  When life goes back to normal I need to delete that app.  Seriously.  It has the funniest, oddest, cutest things that I can watch one after the other.  I’m getting to the bored point you might see me dancing on some stairs or arm flailing dance soon.


It really is a scary time right now.  Of course none of us have ever gone thru it, and I hope we never do again!  We may get made fun of in Kansas for a lot of things, but I’ll tell you, as someone that is watching the numbers grow daily, state wise, country wise and globally, Kansas is a great place to be!  Early on I feel our Mayor Michelle De La Isla along with our Governor Laura Kelly made swift decisions that were putting Kansans as humans first!  I believe we are still officially on stay at home orders until May 4th.  (As I am typing this I get a Wibw alert about a rally at the statehouse for opening Kansas...)


I am a small business owner that has a massive mortgage, electric, gas, water, insurance and a long laundry list of expenses that go out every single month, and my doors are completely closed and my bills have not changed.  That’s terrifying.  I have zero income coming in.  But what is more terrifying to me is me catching Covid-19 and me being one whose body doesn’t handle it well and in a matter of days I’m gone.  How did that serve me?  I know of two people close to me that have lost loved ones, HEALTHY and not old loved ones, both in less than ten days.  (Different states, not Kansas ) Truly...I would have just left a massive, confusing mess for my loved ones to clean up in addition to  loosing me.  That is a scary reality of what today is!  So as much as I also want to reopen and start bringing in income as the rest of the world does, if I get back to my normal world before scientists recommend, contract Corona, it beats me, who was the dumb one?


Something I learned shortly after opening Serendipity was trusting a person and their profession.  When working with a bride, or anyone for that matter, and they ask for the best in the field.  They want the “best” florist, DJ, photographer and everyone the top in their field in Topeka to handle their needs.  Now when hiring the best also comes accolades.  Experience, schooling, training, and also years of handling their profession to keep them the top of their game, and one should expect a higher price tag with that experience/caliber.


So after hiring the best of the best, I would witness the bride Pinterest the hell out of the hired person, and would begin to tell them how to do their job.  And in doing that, ties the person that you hired down and they aren’t allowed to truly do their job, the one you hired them to do, and that you trusted them to do.  Sometimes peoples experience is worth it’s weight in gold.  Chris Page and her florals is a prime example of that.  If a bride could show Chris her Pinterest idea of the FEEL of what she wants her wedding to be, give her any specifics of color or if you love certain flowers, and then walk away and let her do her magic.  Trust her, you hired the best. I promise you will not be disappointed, and I have lost count of our weddings and not one can I remember not being over the moon about their floral. They trusted her.  ❤️


Science is not my thing, nor is infectious disease.  I don’t know shit about any of it!  I am frustrated, upset, angry, and the list can go on about how I feel that our state isn’t open!  But I have to trust science of it, and also realize the consequences are deadly, and I personally can’t put money ahead of what science is predicting to happen because I NEED, to get back to work.  Well we all need to the people that are paid to make those decisions think we should?


Those are just my two cents on it...when it’s ready, we will reopen, but not until it is SAFE for everyone.  The way some small businesses have been able to adapt is brilliant and I love it!  Times like these create change.  Some good and some bad...NOTO Burrito is signing off for now and that space will be something new!  My only responsibilities will simply be a landlord.  💝

Serendipity is Serendipity, and we are looking forward to a backyard bash when it is time.  Pinkadilly is in a transition that I am beyond excited about it.   It is taking more online to accommodate for todays times, and also to expand my market.  We have been asked to do franchises, pop up shops all over the country over the years, so this is a way I could take Pinkadilly out of NOTO and expand beyond. Who knows where a Pink pop up may know I like to get the wind in my hair...


So in NOTO, Pinkadilly is excited to do a little splitting up too. One should surround themselves with people they admire or aspire to similarities.

And over the years I have met a lot of amazing people and been able to connect and build relationships with people that have taken so many different paths. That is the beauty in life and relationships!  One of the best relationships I have been able to build is with SJ Hazim and his wife Miranda.  These are two I admire their energy, enthusiasm and spirit.  I feel they make people smile when they enter their space and when they have left people are still smiling and felt their amazing energy.


SJ takes his energy into everything.  It’s impressive and I admire it. I admire who SJ is as a man I love what SJ brings to the table.  His enthusiasm and different approach, along with his community gear Clad Astra, is a great compliment to my pink village and a pairing of the two of us could be just what the universe was telling us.


So stay tuned for more to come, but the lemonade I’m making with the lemons 🍋  we’ve been dealt is starting to sweeten up.  I choose to find the sugar versus focusing on the sour.


Lots of Love,





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